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“Look into your heart and write.”

  • Writing starts a fire: it can forge a burning passion in our students. Writing is the one time they can be real and true to themselves. Let's embrace it!
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    Writing brings us home: the thing I love most about writing is totally untested in assessment, writing makes us feel more at home with ourselves and the world we live in.

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Who is The Teacher Writer?

Hey! Amazing teacher friends!

I am Lou and I have been studying and teaching British Literature for over 20 years. Literature Daydreams is where all my literature dreams came to life. I love (absolutely, completely, and totally) seeing students engage with, analyze, and enjoy reading British Literature. 

We spend soooo much time on our students, and our lessons, and getting ourselves on track with subject knowledge. I feel you. I live this life with you. So is Literature Daydreams a good place for you? Yes! 

If you answer "yes" to these statements - then Literature Daydreams is for you!

  • want to develop my expertise in British Literature, not just use the same old activities
  • I have a Shakespeare play to teach and I don't have time to work it all out for myself
  • I know my students can analyze Brit Lit, but I don't know where to start
  • My class are definitely capable of going beyond our usual analysis - but I need help working out how to do this
  • I need to breathe new life into my Literature lessons
  • We love creative writing, but I want my students to write with more sophistication

I am here to help you and I LOVE that you have found me!

I spend my time watching students go from staring at a page of "Miss is this even English?" Literature to understanding it. Then they move from understanding to pre-empting my teacher-led analysis with their own ideas.  Students can and do fall in love with analyzing Shakespeare, poetry, and 19th century fiction! It's true!

My blog and 
teaching resources will help you and your students see Brit Lit and Creative Writing in a new light. I can help you boost your confidence, develop your expertise, and wow your students with your knowledge of the texts you are studying.  My resources are designed to be ready and easy to use but also deep, rigorous, and full of expert knowledge.