5 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 5 day teacher-writer challenge!

The what?! Ok, I hear ya. Why would anybody sign up for a 'work' challenge in their summer holiday? 

This challenge is for you if:

  1. You are a teacher of writing and would like to find some new tips and tricks to use in your classroom.
  2. You would like to use mentor texts that you have written to suit the needs of your students
  3. You would like to model live writing in your classroom and want some inspiration and motivation
  4. You want to be a better writer for yourself, to enjoy, relax, and reconnect with the author inside.

If any of these describe you, then you have found the right place! By the end of 5 day challenge you will:

  • Be more confident as a writer
  • Have a number of activities and ideas to try out with your classes
  • Be inspired to share your writing with you students or live write in your classroom
  • Have found your writer’s voice
  • Discover a new ‘hobby’ that will bring you hours of enjoyment

A-n-d even better...it's completely free!

How it works:

  1. Sign up below, leaving your email address for me to send you all the details 
  2. Then, when the challenge begins on August 1st, you will receive your welcome email containing instructions and your workbook
  3. After that, each day for 5 days you will receive an email from me with an audio recording and writing activities

It's as simple as that. 5 days, 5 emails, 5 writing activities.

It's as easy as...