Writing Prompts for August

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You will receive:
★ 31 descriptive writing prompts
★ One for each day in the month
★ 4 pages in total


Inspire and engage your students this back to school season with this gorgeous writing calendar! This set of creative and narrative daily writing prompts for the month of August will get your students writing up a storm this summer.

Each calendar date has a different writing task. Some are based on annual celebration days (this month we have ‘Lefthanders Day”) and some are based on world celebration days (Adopt a Stray Day) and some are narrative or descriptive writing prompts.

Each one is different – so you have 31 new writing prompts for the month of August. You can come back to them again and again.

If you are looking for ways to get your students writing, or need a daily dose of writing, or want to schedule purposeful homework writing tasks. Then these writing prompts are for you!

This daily writing calendar, beautifully designed across a double page spread, can be used:
– As a starter task, students can choose any task from the days that have already gone.
– As a daily writing task in form time or lessons.
– As a homework choice selection.
– As a discussion or writing starter for lessons.
– To develop your own inner writer.

# 31 dated quick write tasks for the month of August
# Colour and blackline versions are provided for ease of printing
# Double page spread


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